Dickerman Group is a diverse set of companies operating globally. Prominent experts in our industries we provide turnkey solutions in Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Maintenance, Marine, Utilities, Audio Visual Technology and Specialist PPE Supply.



Diverse organization of companies covering a variety of industries from Technology to industrial services

Dickerman Group

The Dickerman Group is a diverse organization of companies covering a variety of industries from technology to industrial services working with Blue Chip clients, oil majors water utilities, and many more in between. Our Group companies also manufacture specialist equipment to assist with a variety of tasks and to protect the workforce we all rely upon to deliver the services our customers trust.

Our logo represents us, we are a group of companies operating globally across all continents both independently and with our Strategic Alliance partners providing the same high levels of service our customers have come to expect.

The Core Values of the Dickerman Group are shared across all of our companies. For us, Safety, Environmental Awareness, Quality, Efficiency, and Communications form the cornerstones of all of the things we do ensuring that whether we are undertaking surface preparation working on a platform in West Africa, installing a boardroom solution in Luxembourg or refurbishing a filter at a water treatment plant in the UK, our customers can rely on us to deliver seamlessly, safely, on time and on budget,

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Dickerman Overseas

Dickerman Overseas

Marine and Offshore specialists for turnkey fabric maintenance, specialist cleaning, integrity/asset management, life extension and access projects for over 45 years.

Our global operations are undertaken on ships, fixed platforms, semi-subs, FPSO’s, floaters and jack-ups.


The UK contracting division of the Dickerman Group undertakes contracts in the water and oil industry sectors. Contracts range from full water filter refurbishment, to full oil tank cleaning and gas freeing operations for preparation of NDT testing.

Si Server Dickerman
DG ISS Image from Dickerman


Dickerman Group International Safety Solutions (DG-ISS) is a well-established supplier of the best PPE available to protect your workforce in all conditions. We specialize in providing the highest quality products at competitive prices.


Experts in pump development Si-Jet designs and sells venturi effect jet pumps to the marine/petrochemical & water industries on a global basis.

Si jet
ADV Communication Photos

ADV Communications

Specialists within the field of audio visual communications and video conferencing ADV Communications are able to provide you with cost effective and efficient solutions.

Whatever the requirement, however basic or complex, ADV Communications has a solution.