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The Dickerman Group is a broad collection of world-class companies within their field working across a number of industries including audiovisual technologies and solutions, oil and gas, water utilities, and PPE provision.
Please see below a brief overview of each of our companies below and explore them further by following the links to the individual company website.

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Dickerman Overseas Contracting
Company Limited

Dickerman Overseas or DOCCL has a near 50-year history of supporting the marine and oil and gas industries both onshore and offshore primarily focused on fabric maintenance and specialist tank cleaning services.

The reach of the company is truly global having worked on all continents and all facility types providing the turnkey solutions for Surface Preparation, Coating Application, Passive Fire Protection, Insulation, Access Solutions, and Specialist Tank, Vessel, and Pipe Cleaning.

Please continue to the DOCCL website to see how they can support you and your assets wherever in the world they are and no matter the task or the challenges faced. Nearly 50 years of experience shows we’ll find a solution and provide a safe, cost-effective, and quality service.

Dickerman Group International Safety Solutions

Dickerman Group International Safety Solutions (DG-ISS) is a well-established supplier of the best PPE available to protect your workforce in all conditions. We specialize in providing the highest quality products at competitive prices within the Oil & Gas, Marine, Utilities and Medical Sectors.

We work directly with the manufacturers to be sure of the quality of the products and to allow for the most cost-effective pricing to be achieved. Please review the DG-ISS website to see how they can support you with your upcoming bulk PPE needs whether you’re in the medical or care professional or in the industry including oil and gas, marine, and utilities. They’ll cost-effectively provide great products when you need them.

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The Dickerman Group


Our onshore water utilities division has been in operation for more than 35 years proving a reliable solution predominantly with the UK water sector both on clean and dirty water sites.

They specialize in a turnkey solutions including the supply of specialist personnel and equipment primarily focussed on filter refurbishment works, various types of media removal, recycling, disposal, supply and install.

The specialist proprietary equipment used for suction and induction allows for the moving of media utilising water as the motive source of power, ensuring the integrity of the media for handling damage and also allows the media to be moved over significantly greater distances and in confined spaces where traditional means such as vacuum tankers will fail.

Please review the Si-Serve website to see how they can cost-effectively assist with any water treatment site works you have.

ADV Communications

ADV Communications are our specialist provider of audio visual solutions to all organizations nationally and internationally.

Specializing in the provision of video conferencing, collaborative working environments, and boardroom solutions their customer base ranges from large blue-chip clients including a number of international banking organizations to SMEs.

ADV Communications

Whilst being able to collaborate remotely has always been an aim of many organisations, either to improve their carbon footprint or to allow for more seamless working across locations, there has never been a more critical time than now to ensure that you have the solutions and technologies in place to allow your workforce to work remotely efficiently and effectively.

Homeworking solutions are now a significant area of the scope of services offered by ADV Communications, ensuring your personnel have the same office levels of communications ability but from a home environment. This current trend is at best our short term future and businesses must be able to operate in this new normal.

Please continue to the ADV Communications website to see how over 20 years plus of experience can help your Business as usual extraordinary circumstances.


Our specialist pump division. Having been designing, developing, and manufacturing specialist pumping solutions for nearly 40 years, Si-Jet have a variety of equipment primarily focussed on the venturi principle.

The Si-Jet pumps use air and water as a motive source of power to move a wide range of materials over significant distances vertically and horizontally.

The pumps are also utilized in a number of our other companies to support their operations safely and efficiently within the marine, oil and gas, and water utilities industries. The pumps do however have significantly wider capabilities across many industries.

Please review the Si-Jet website and don’t hesitate to contact one of the team for your pumping needs.

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